The reason why the games I have listed here look so good, sound so good, frankly, are anything beyond mediocre, is due to the wonderful work of the people below. The talent in this list is just ridiculous. Ridiculous, I say!

Jason Zurek

A veteran of both television and video games, Jason has worked at a variety of places such as Cartoon Network, Disney and Dreamworks, on shows such as Ben 10, Generator Rex, Tron: Uprising, and Dragons: Race to the Edge, a television show based in the world of How to Train Your Dragon. He is a CalArts grad, and an obsessive Destiny player. He's also quite good at baking.

Jeff Campbell

A prolific artist and animator, Jeff has worked at companies such as Nickelodeon and Disney on a variety of projects including Where's My Water 2, and Where's My Perry?. In addition to his work at big studios, Jeff has created multiple animated shows on the web including Captain Delicious and Say What Meow? Jeff is also sort of a big fan of Batman, and has constructed incredibly detailed cosplay costumes for himself and his family.

Michael Costantini

Sound designer, composer, audio engineer, multi-instrumentalist, there is almost nothing that Mike cannot do with audio. Mike has composed tracks for a variety of different game companies including Tic Toc Games and Disney, and even won an Emmy for his work in television!

Juan Calle

Hailing all the way from Bogota, Columbia, Juan is an incredible artist in the realm of animation, video games, and even children's books. He recently published a Children's Book titled, Good Dream, Bad Dream.