Super One Player Pong is the sequel to Squeezebox Software's first game, One Player Pong. This time, the single player arcade action game is on the new Apple TV!

A few weeks before the launch of the new AppleTV, I received an email from Apple explaining that they were sending free Apple TV development kits to anyone who wanted to put a game on the App Store. I instantly responded, not because I was planning on put a game out on the device, but because I love a good deal, and a free Apple TV sounded sweet.

When the Apple TV arrived, I was dismayed to find that it didn't come with any games bundled, and the App Store was still a few weeks from going live. Aside from renting movies, there was really nothing I could do with the cool new piece of tech I had before anyone else. It was the urge to play something on the device that led me to build Super One Player Pong. I started by building a straight port of the iOS game, this was, however, getting in the way of time that could have been spent on the upcoming Zero Sum, but once I got started, I became a little upset with updating the look and feel of One Player Pong, and adding some features, like powers, that people had asked for in the original game. 

The game was released about a week and a half after the Apple TV hits store shelves, and has so far peaked in the Top 50 games on the storefront. It was featured in an article by Touch Arcade, along with a goofy trailer I created with the help of the sound genius Michael Costantini.

There is no way to link to the Apple TV App Store (yet), but if you want to check out the game, you can search for the term "OPP" on your Apple TV! It even rhymes!