Remember this scene in Good Will Hunting?  This is the inspiration for the Zero Sum's gameplay. My hope is that by playing this game, you'll feel just as smart as Will Hunting, perhaps even as handsome as Will, as well.

Zero Sum is a math puzzle game where your only input is placing plus and minus signs in between numbers in a math equation in order to get the equation to equal zero. The game came from the frustration I felt while watching movies like Good Will Hunting and The Social Network, and realizing that my love for frantically writing an equation on a whiteboard would never be realized due to my complete inability to understand any math post-Algebra 1.

This is video of a hands-on demo I did for Touch Arcade at GDC this past March. The game looks a lot better now, I swear! (Though, sadly, Meryl and Jennifer are no longer in it). 

Honestly, if I think about the coolest moments that a person can have in their life, solving an equation in a burst of genius on a whiteboard (or even better, a window!) is right up there next to climbing the wall of a baseball stadium to catch a fly ball headed towards home run territory, and being able to give a killer speech like the one Bill Pullman gives at the beginning of the third act of Independence Day (I'm hoping that this inspires my next game)

Check out a preview of the game that appeared earlier this year on TouchArcade, a very cool site that covers mobile and tablet games!

Touch Arcade Preview

The plan right now is to release this game on iOS / Android / PC / and OS X this year (2015)